The Iconic Gecko Wrap Black Volley


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The ORIGINAL Hand Drawn GECKO HAWAII 1980's Volley Walk & Swim Shorts!

It all started in the 1980's -- Gecko's "Wrap Volley Shorts" were the jam! They were the soundtrack to sunny days spent chillin', surfin' & spittin' verses at beach!

Super fun, Radically comfy & Totally cool.

Almost guaranteed to get compliments from strangers at every pool party, beach shin-dig, or mall adventure.

  • 100% Nylon
  • Unisex
  • Mesh Liner Board Shorts/Trunks,
  • Great for the water -- they dry FAST!
  • There are pockets! Yes! :)


Our Volley shorts are designed to stay authentic and true to the original 1980's sizes. However -- in the 1980s, sizes were much smaller than they are today.

The waistband is elastic, very strong, stretchy and durable -- AND they also have a drawstring. This means, that is easy to make the shorts tighter, but it is harder to make them looser -- so, we recommend the following for the perfect fit and comfort:

Men -- We highly recommend going up at 1 size with all of Gecko Hawaii's Volley shorts. If you are usually a medium, you will most likely feel more comfortable in a large.

Women -- For women, they are true to size. These shorts are also designed in such a way, to make it possible to cut out the inside mesh liner --  without disrupting the rest of the shorts or pockets!

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