Gecko Wall - Neon Pink/Green Split Unisex Beach Runners

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Descriptions, Stories & Original History Below!

Day-glow in style with one of the most popular patterns Gecko Hawaii's ever made on volley shorts & Unisex Beach Runners!

We sold hundreds of thousands of these in the 1980's -- yet the are still epically hard to find vintage! That means people wore the heck out 'em -- or still don't want to give them up after all of these years! Hand-Drawn, Original 1988 Pattern in a HOT NEON PINK/NEON GREEN SPLIT! These pics don't do these shorts justice in showcasing just how happy bright they are! You'll be wowed by the color when they arrive!

Great for the Beach, Hot Tub, Festival, Wake Park, Hiking, etc....

  • 100% Nylon -- Dries FAST!
  • All Hand Drawn Original Art from 1988
  • Unisex - Shorter than our volleys.
  • NO Mesh Liner -- Great for running, women's board short, shorts or cover.
  • Great for the water -- walking -- or action sports.
  •  Lightweight!
  • Oh yeah! They've got 2 side pockets!
  • Match it with a Gecko Wall tee -- or a white -- or jet black tee for an amazing pop of color!
  • Perfect for the beach, music festivals, EDM, cover-up, lounging, pajamas, whatevs.
  • Unisex
  • Sizing: Elastic waistband with tie -- men will definitely want to go up one size larger since these have a smaller waist and go higher up. (Think short shorts.)
  • It's not easy brining back the "split" design -- it requires a lot more fabric, attention to detail and labor -- but Gecko never did things because they were easy to do... we do it because it's the AWESOME way -- and the look and feel is super authentic.

Get noticed at your next beach party, pool party, vacation -- or,  just soak up the rad, nostalgic vibes late night --  in your own personal hot tub time machine. 

Gecko Hawaii's Beach Runners are perfect to walk around all day in the sun -- AND swim all day in the water! Pockets included!

80's & 90's Baby!

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    Tony Ybarra
    Totally awesome 😎

    Thanks bra!!!! Totally awesome 😎


    cheap material. I thought it’d be softer