Gecko HyperFLASH
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Gecko HyperFLASH

Own a legendary piece of early 1990's apparel!
The Early 90's Fad That Was So Rad -- We Brought It Back!
Gecko Hawaii HyperFlash Heat Activated Color-Changing Tees SELL OUT FAST! Sometimes even the same day that we launch them! So, if you see a size that works for you, we recommend grabbing it while you can -- because it won't be there next week!
HyperFlash is Gecko Hawaii's homage to the heat activated color changing shirts of the early 90s!
These days they are hard to find. Retailers generally don't make them, because they are expensive to make -- from the labor and dye process, to the materials themselves. If you're lucky enough to find an old shirt on eBay in decent condition -- chances are they don't work anymore, and if they do still work... chances are you're paying $80 - $100, or higher for them...
However, now through Gecko Hawaii (for a limited time) you can once again own a seriously sweet conversation starter, that will make you retro 1990's royalty at any 90s party -- and also just look rad & retro walking down the street!