Gecko T-Shirt Sizing

Below you will find a list of Gecko Hawaii's different tee descriptions, tee size charts, and sizing & washing recommendations -- so you can feel confident in the size you pick and keep it looking as great as the day you ripped open the package and felt the nostalgia overload!

• Gecko Beach Tees

• Gecko HyperFLASH Tees

• Gecko Neon Tees

• Gecko Retro Beefy Tees


Cotton Beach Tees

Gecko Hawaii's Cotton Beach Tees -- so comfy, you won't want to take them off!

You will not want to take off this soft and cozy unisex tee. With a uniquely modern fit, crew neck, and short sleeves, this stylish deluxe tee is bound to be your best pick. It looks good on everyone and is super soft and comfortable to wear all day long.

Sizing Recommendations

This is a unisex, 100% cotton tee. For men who have a "dad bod" -- or if you happen to prefer a slightly looser tee -- we recommend going one size up. For women, we recommend your actual size. They do shrink about 10% in the dryer, so, If you buy a large and shrink it, it will be slightly larger than a medium.

Mens size slim
Women s sizing perfect
Cotton size guide 3

Washing Recommendations

Wash with like colors.

To eliminate shrinkage as much as possible, wash on cold (or extra cold) and dry in machine until damp, then let air dry.

To shrink it, wash it by itself on extra hot, then dry it for an hour (or even 2 cycles in the machine) on a high heat.


HyperFLASH Tees

Thermochromatic, Heat-Activated, Color-Changing Nostalgia.

Gecko's HyperFLASH tees are super soft, 100% organic cotton, and we have made major updates since the 1980's and 90's including:

Color-Change in all the right places: An update to the temperature of the color-change, which provides a more even color shift throughout the entire shirt (no more "pits only" change).

Durability: We also have enabled the ability for the tee to be put in the dryer for hours on end at extreme heat temperatures.

Geckosp purp1 600x 1

Sizing Recommendations

Gecko HyperFLASH tees are made from 100% Organic Cotton. They are a unisex tee and they do shrink about 5%. We recommend that women and fit/slim men get actual size. For men who like a little more room in their tee, we recommend sizing up one size. So, if you are usually a medium, you would get a large -- as it will shrink and the cotton is soft, light and stretchy that it will sit well in all of the right places.

Hf men
Hf women
Hyper sizechart

Washing Directions

HyperFLASH tees are SUPER EASY to wash. There is nothing too special or different about washing your HyperFLASH tee -- but here are some steps you can follow if you want to maximize the color change and keep it pristine:

1. Wash on warm, cold (or extreme cold) cycles by itself. As HyperFLASH is two colors, if you wash it in a color wash, there could be other clothes in the wash that could bleed color. If this happens, then the tee can absorb those colors (just like in any normal wash) and dim the "cold" color, or dye the "Warm," or brighter color. (It's exactly the same as putting a white tee into a color wash. The white tee will come out lightly pink, blue, green or yellow.) But, washing it by itself eliminates this issue completely. If you can't wash it alone, then wash it with your whites -- not your colors. BUT -- for best, long lasting results, wash it with your whites after washing it 1 time by itself first.

3. It can be washed on warm, or on cold. The shirt's label says "warm" -- only because that is what most people wash their clothes with. However, washing it on cold (in theory) may keep the graphic on the tee brighter.

2. Throw it in the dryer! Yes! The tech has advanced and extreme heat won't hurt your tee, or alter it's ability to change color. We've personally tested this and put it into the dryer at Max Heat for 8 continuous cycles. We've even nuked it in the microwave and left it in the sun for a week -- they are very durable.

Please note: It's 100% cotton, so the longer it's in the dryer, the higher chance that it will shrink more. (This is normal for any cotton shirt.). If the tee shrinks a lot, the graphic on the back will change with the shrinkage of cotton -- making it puff more -- and possibly making the puff crack. This is expected -- as it is how the tees from the 80's worked and it starts to give the tee it's own unique vintage feel. To slow down the "puff" or "Crackle" simply take the tee out of the dryer when it is still damp and lay it flat, or hang it to dry.


Much like owning a Mogwai (Gizmo before it turns into a Gremlin) there are pretty much 3 recommendations we have to keep your tee changing colors for a loooooong time.

1. Don't leave it laying in the sun for days. Extended exposure to UV light will fade the tee. We recommend keeping it in your dark closet or drawer. (But why would anyone leave their tee exposed to UV or the sun that long in the first place? That would be weird -- unless they left it outside by the pool and forgot about it for a day or two... but we warned you not to do that! Lol.)

2. Wash by itself or with your white clothes only - Always make sure to wash either by itself, or ( if you want to save water) with your white wash. NOT YOUR COLOR WASH!


Do these things and your tee will remain nostalgic magic for years and years to come.

And a bonus note: HyperFlash tees can actually provide a major health benefit! There very little things that can permentatnlyy discolor your HyperFLASH tee. One is long UV light exposure, one is direct stain treating, and the other is a person with a very rare medical condition called chromhidrosis. Chromhidrosis. is a serious disease if it's not treated -- If someone with this disease sweats while wearing a hyper tee, their sweat can permanently discoloring the shirt. This is EXTREMELY RARE -- but it can actually be an indicator that the person has a more serious health issue!

People with chromhidrosis have higher lipofuscin concentrations, or a higher-than-normal level of lipofuscin oxidation -- basically, their sweat contains a chemical that can alter the color of any clothing, but with hyper tees, that permanent pigment change is much more obvious! So, these tees can even act as an early warning / alarm / life saver for the condition!

Pretty cool, huh?!


Gecko Hawaii Neon Tees

Real 1980s Neon Colors! Just Like You Remember Them!

The Gecko Hawaii Neon Tees are TOTALLY 1980s! The color is extremely unique these days, as they are not only high-end neon, but they have a very subtle heather that gives them the retro, soft neon color. You will probably be the only one you know with a tee these colors!

Neon surf

Sizing Recommendations

As Gecko Neon Tees are made with 60% and 40% Poly, the shrinkage is only around 1 to 2% (The combo of the cotton & poly is how we are able to get such vivid colors.) They are ever so slightly slimmer than a classic fit -- but not as slim as our Cotton Beach Tees.

The sleeves are actually right on with classic size sleeves, it's the chest that is a tad bit slimmer (maybe about 1/2 inch) than a true classic tee. Due to the very little shrinkage, we recommend that most people go with their normal sizing on these.

Neon d
Neon 2

Washing Directions

Wash on cold with like colors.


Gecko Classic Beefy Tee

For The Retro Aficionado

Those who love their Gecko tees to be EXACTLY how they were (fit and all) back in the 1980's and 1990's will LOVE the classic fit Beefy Tee. We originally printed many, many of our designs on Beefy Tees. Beefy tees are thicker than our other tees (that are designed for hot weather) -- hence "the beef."

Mint pp1

Sizing Recommendations

Classic fit. Fits as expected. Women may want to go a size down from normal, as the Beefy Tee is a men's classic fit. However, it is 100% cotton and it will shrink about 3% to 5%. (It won't shrink as much as the other tees, because it is made of a heavier weighted ringspun cotton.

Mens sizing perfect
Womens size large
Beefy size

Washing Recommendations

Wash with like colors.

To eliminate shrinkage as much as possible, wash on cold (or extra cold) and dry until damp.

To shrink it, wash it by itself on extra hot, then dry it for an hour on high heat.