How Glow In The Dark Splatter Apparel Works

How It Glow In The Dark Splatter Works

Gecko has some awesome RETRO throwback products -- but it has occurred to us that there are some people who don't know what to expect when it comes to our GITD (Glow In The Dark) Splatter (or even normal Glow In The Dark puffed Ink) -- so we wanted to provide some instructions to help out those who may not have been around for the first time these products came out (in the 80's and the 90's) and it's their first experience with something that glows in the dark.

About Glow In The Dark Splatter:

All GITD (GITD is a short acronym for the words Glow-In-The-Dark) Splatter and Glow Puff Ink Apparel works. If someone thinks their's is "broken" we can 100% guarantee that it is not, because the entire production uses the SAME paint -- AND every night in the warehouse we see stacks of tees glowing in the dark. If one didn't, then we would notice it in a heartbeat. It would be VERY evident.

However, if you are new to GITD and think that your tee "isn't working" or doesn't "glow bright enough" -- chances are you are new to the Glow In The Dark game -- which is totally OK -- we are here to walk you through it.

To test your GITD apparel in action:

1. Take the shirt/shorts and go outside during the day -- when the sun is shining bright.

2. Lay it flat so that the sun is shining on it. GITD paint has to charge -- and it charges best from UV lights (this means the sun, UV bulbs, UV black lights, etc).

NOTE: A phone does NOT use a UV light. If you try to charge your tee with your phone -- you'll be disappointed, as it would take a looooong time -- and it would not glow very bright. A phone flashlight uses an LED light. LED lights will work, but it takes A LONG time to charge the shirt with an LED light. An LED light will work great ONLY IF it is SUPER BRIGHT with mega lumens. 

3. Leave your GITD apparel laying flat in the sun for at least 1 minute. The longer you leave it in the sun, the brighter it will eventually GLOW IN THE DARK. (It's NOT called "glow in the light." Lol.)

4. If your tee has been in a dark closet for a longtime, it will require being in the light longer in order to glow brighter. If this is the case, we recommend letting it charge for at least 3 minutes in the sun. 

5. After that, run back into your house and go to a place that is dark (really dark -- not a place with a window.) Maybe try bringing it into your bathroom, or closet and then closing the door.  YOU WILL SEE IT GLOW!

Expectations For Glow In The Dark Apparel:


GITD is "Glow" In The "Dark" -- That means it glows -- in the DARK -- not in the light. Glow in the dark has been around for decades. Most people encounter something that glows in the dark when they are a kid and they have a toy that glows, so most people know all of this already. However, if you've never encountered a glow in the dark item before -- they are a lot of fun!

B. A GITD item needs to charge in the sun, or a UV light --

-- But all glow in the dark things that are reactive -- are the brightest for the first few minutes after they have been charged. After that, they start to get to less bright as they lose their charge -- unless you charge it up again really quick. For people who want to "zap" and charge up their GITD super quick on the go, we recommend this UV mini-blacklight you can put on your keychain. Click here to see the info.

C. Your GITD apparel can be charged over and over and over again.

Charging it will not shorten it's life span. You will never run out of "charging power." That's the point of the shirt. It does not require batteries. It just requires UV light. The glow won't lesson each time you wash it. It is a part of the paint. As long as you keep your shirt in good condition, it should continue to glow for years.

D. "Glowing" is not battery operated. 

It does not use batteries, or LED lights. If it did, then it would be a real "Glow" in the dark tee. It would be a "Light In The Dark" shirt. That is not retro -- and it's not as cool. What makes Glow in the dark SPLATTER so cool, is that most people have no idea that it glows -- until you are in the dark! Until then, It just looks like the original, cool splatter tees we made in the 80's & 90's. That's what makes this particular fashion so rad. It's kind of "undercover."