The Tees You've Been Waiting For Since 1989!

Introducing Gecko Hawaii's Single Stitch, Pigment Dyed,1980s & 90's Neon Tee Collection.

Gecko Hawaii is BEYOND stoked to be releasing THE MOST authentic neon  retrowear from the 1980s and 90s in the year 2023!

The only thing more authentic would be to set a time machine for the year 1989 -- walk into a Macy's or Nordstroms and purchase a Gecko Hawaii Tee off of the rack.

To start off the collection, we are releasing THE 1ST EDITION RE-ISSUE OF 1989's "GECKO SURF TOUR" in Neon Bodacious Blue, Neon Party Pink, & Neon Lemon Lightbright. 

What is Single Stitch?

In the 1980's & 90's, single stitch was the preferred method of t-shirt manufacturing.

Most retro lovers consider this a vintage stamp of approval for a tee shirt of the day. 

One of the most recognizable attributes to the single stitch tee is the neck/collar.  It was a ribbed, wide, thick, reinforced collar on a tee that wrapped closely around the base of the neck and actually made people look REALLY GOOD. 

Below is an example of our newly released single-stitch tees around the neck:


 They are EXTREMELY hard to find new!

Most companies/brands don't go there -- because they are no longer widely available and they cost a lot more to create.

However -- especially in the vintage and retro-style world -- they are highly coveted, and highly expensive.

Anyone with original, vintage, single-stitch surf tees in good to excellent condition (and especially the ones with neon, or on neon -- those are the hardest to find), can sell them for a ton!

There is a HUGE market of people searching for them -- and with each day, more people want them, yet there are less and less in circulation.

If you go to eBay, you'll notice tees which contain the words "single stitch," are in decent condition, and contain a retro/relevant brand can go for a few hundred dollars.

As I am writing this, I thought I'd pop onto a few sites to show you some examples (Look at these prices!):

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That's why we are so stoked to release this collection!

After 3 years of bringing back different retro elements (neon puffed ink, thermochromatic color changing tees and the retro printing process, which makes colors pop brighter) we are finally able to print them -- using all of these techniques -- on the most authentic 1980's & 90's tee to date!

These are ALL limited editions.

With every new release we drop, we will print around 100 per color. Today was our first drop (2/17/23) and we are close to sold out already!

It's literally THRILLING for anyone who is a real retrofile and is constantly searching for mint condition 1980's neon surf tees! It's nostalgia seeping out of every single thread! 

Neon Pigment Dye

Another much sought after aspect of vintage retro tees is the way, over time, the colors change and the material gets softer, molding to the body of the wearer. 

Pigment dye enables that "vintage customization." As time passes, the wear from your body will really make the tee uniquely "yours." The pigment also has a way to make the neon colors pop bolder and brighter than almost any other neon tee that's out there! 

About The Colors

They are stunning, beautiful, and when I was wearing one to grocery store yesterday, literally EVERYBODY there stopped and turned to look at me. 

We went ahead and used the same recipe for many of the neon colors we used back in 1989.

The green SCREAMS! The Orange is gorgeous. The blue is so unique and brings out the color of anyone with blue or green eyes. The pink is the type of pink that makes you think about skiing in the 1980's (think snow bunnies), the yellow is that super bright, yet "lemon-lite" 1980's yellow that makes pink ink almost pop off of the shirt (it is VERY hard to find a yellow out there like this!), and of course the purple is a hyacinth that will become a favorite shirt for anyone who gets it.


 The Material and Sizing

We recommend you order your actual size.

The sleeves are longer and wider (as they were in the mid to late 1980's) and they are made with 6.5 oz USA Cotton (18 singles), which is extremely durable, built to last and fit men and women alike. The thickness of the cotton actually helps to hide the "beer belly" or "dad bod" on some of the Gecko Fans in their 40s, 50s, and 60s -- while also helping those in their late teens, 20's and 30's look ripped!

So grab a tee while we still have them! Pictures don't do the color on these tees justice! The second you see it in real life, you'll instantly reignite some of that happy nostalgia -- and we wouldn't be surprised if some old forgotten memories reappear in your mind! Color has that effect -- and as you wear these around your town, you'll be helping others reignite some of their own nostalgia as well!



Made In The USA, With USA Cotton!