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One of our most popular patterns from 1991 is back as a women's (unisex) Beach Runner short! Use them to cover your suit, or just as rad shorts for the Beach, Hot Tub, Festival, Wake Park, Hiking, etc....

  • 100% Nylon -- Dries FAST!
  • All Hand Drawn Original Art from 1988
  • Unisex - EVEN Shorter than our volleys.
  • NO Mesh Liner -- Great for running, women's board short, shorts or cover.
  • Great for the water -- walking -- or action sports.
  •  Lightweight!
  • Oh yeah! They've got 2 side pockets!
  • Match it with a Gecko Wall tee -- or a white -- or jet black tee for an amazing pop of color!
  • Perfect for the beach, music festivals, EDM, cover-up, lounging, pajamas, whatevs.
  • Unisex
  • Sizing: Elastic waistband with tie -- men will definitely want to go up one size larger since these have a smaller waist and go higher up. (Think short shorts.)

Get noticed at your next beach party, pool party, vacation -- or,  just soak up the rad, nostalgic vibes late night --  in your own personal hot tub time machine. 

Gecko Hawaii's Beach Runner Shorts are perfect to walk around all day in the sun -- AND swim all day in the water! Pockets included!

80's & 90's Baby!

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