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Full Gecko Hawaii Catalogue

AWESOME! You've selected to check-out our ENTIRE Gecko Hawaii catalogue collection!

Please note, we sell out of products VERY fast!

Here are the reasons we sell out so quickly:  

1. Part of the fun in bringing the "Original Gecko Crew" back together,  is that we each get to take turns in deciding what product we'll bring back next.

There are so many cool OG designs from our 25 year run in the 1980s and 1990s, that we want to re-issue A LOT from our “Gecko Vault”— but we only have 2 original 1980s printing presses. This means that often times, we need to decide between restocking an item, or re-issuing a "new" retro classic from the vault. We usually opt for the "new" re-issue, because it's more fun for us —- and it’s more fun for the retro-head that is waiting for their favorite tee to come back for the first time in 30 years!

2. We print and manufacture less product in an effort to be environmentally conscious, and also to test products and see how people react to certain designs.  

3. Covid-19 has created scarcity for materials in our industry -- especially the specific, rare, high-quality materials we require to re-issue apparel as authentically original and retro as possible.

Currently, the supply chain is backed up in everything from puff inks, neon inks, t-shirt sizes & colors, retro machine replacement parts — and the list goes on. 

ALL items in featured in this collection are in stock -- HOWEVER -- they range from being brand-new and fully stocked --- to products with only 1 or 2 sizes/quantity left in stock!  (Please note that products in this collection are not listed in order from “more quantity” to “less quantity.”)

So... if you see something here you want, but there are only a few left -- we HIGHLY recommend buying it ASAP -- as we may, or may not EVER restock it again!