80s/90s "Color Block" Windbreaker!


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The New UNISEX Color Block Style Windbreaker IS SO AWESOME! All your friends -- will be insanely jealous and the first thing they'll ask is "Where Did You GET THAT?!"

If you are used to our unisex windbreakers, this design has a few changes -- as it is designed specifically for women:

1. The length is slightly shorter.

2. The cut is slightly shorter -- 80s style. -- If you are taller than 6'2 we don't recommend the full zip style of Gecko Windbreakers.

3. It is a FULL zip up (so you don't have to pull it over and ruin your hair!)

4. The Kangaroo pouch has been replaced by 2 zip up pockets.

AND IT LOOKS RAD if you go "Full suit" and get a matching pairs of Shorts -- or you can pair it with anything else you wear -- one part retro, and one part modern -- totally depends on your style!

You can relive the 80s/90s in our 100% Nylon Windbreaker!

No more lugging around a heavy hoody. Our lightweight jackets travel great!


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