Wave Beach Pants Blue

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Original Hand Drawn Pattern.

90s Baby!

Lightweight throwback parachute-style pants.

Think "Saved By The Bell," or "MC Hammer" Pants.

Perfect for the beach, music festivals, EDM, cover-up, lounging, pajamas, whatevs.

100% Nylon 100% Fun

Customer Reviews

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Fun and comfortable!

Purchased the Wave beach pants recently, and am generally very pleased. They are a lightweight material, nice fabric, cool pattern. I bought these primarily for gym use (think throwback 80's/90's era bodybuilder pants), and they are work great for that. Sizing is decent, although it might be my only critique. I'm a 5'9 185lb man, 34" waist, with big legs, and I bought a Large based on their recommendation. The overall fit is great, but the waist could be a little bigger/looser relative to how roomy the legs are. I did a quick snip on the elastic waistband to buy myself a little more room, which did the trick, but I do think they could stand to add an inch or two to the waist on all sizes. Depending on your build, you may want to size up, or just know the waist is a little snug. That said, their customer service was great about answering sizing questions, and I'm happy with my purchase. I just wish they'd restock the Large/XL's in all of the beach pants. It's too early in the season to be sold out. ;)

Always there for me

These pants are super cozy. The fit is great for taking the world of your shoulders and just relax.

They also seem to be of great quality as I wear them almost daily (been a year now) and they still look great!