Vinyl Gecko Purple Volcanic Acid Wash


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Gecko Hawaii SKU: GVPAWT-S

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Introducing a limited printing of Gecko Hawaii's iconic "Gecko Vinyl" Design from 1989 on a Purple Volcanic Acid Wash Tee!

This will EASILY become one of your favorite tees in your Gecko Hawaii collection! It looks sooooooooo good!

This awesome Mega Dark Purple Acid Wash has overtones of grey and/or pink -- depending on the wash process. Every tee is unique! 

ONLY 100 Made!

LAUNCH DATE: 1/24/22

Puffed Splatter Hangloose Limited Collector's Edition!

  • Only 100 Made!
  • Glow In The Dark Pink and Green Puffed Splatter and logos!
  • 100% Cotton
  • Unisex
  • Classic Fit -- Ever so slightly slimmer than modern "True to Size"
  • 3X Retro Puffed Ink!
  • Glow In The Dark Retro Front Pocket Logo!

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