Iconic 1988 Gecko Wall Windbreaker - Neon Pink

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Descriptions, Stories & Original History Below!

"Gecko Wall" is an exact reproduction of one of Gecko Hawaii's most popular windbreaker styles & patterns from the 1980's & 90's!

  • 100% Nylon
  • Super Lightweight!
  • Perfect for stuffing into a backpack and travel.
  • 2 Side pockets PLUS 1988 "Kangaroo Pouch" with Zipper (Looks RAD and helps to make sure your phone & wallet stay safe and don't fall out!)
  • Exact Re-Issue of our 80's and 90's windbreakers! (Including 80's sizing and cut, so please look at the bottom of this page for your sizing recommendations.

Most common feedback from customers:

"Thank you! I Love it! I literally get compliments everywhere I go!"

Style Recommendations:

  • Can be worn totally zipped up (or down), with a "popped" collar for the more RAD "1980's Ski Patrol/Skate Movie" Look...

  • Can also be worn zipped down with collar laying down, for the more modern look.

Size Recommendations Men:

We tried to be as accurate and true to the original Gecko Wall Windbreaker as possible when we brought it back. It was created to be just like our "old-school" 80's and 90's windbreakers, so it has the same 80's sizing. This means that it has that rad, poofy feel! It's slightly smaller in certain areas and slightly "larger/puffier" in some areas.  

For men, we recommend sizing up...

For example, if you are usually a large, and you are used to 2021 clothing cuts and sizes and want a slightly "looser" feel, we suggest getting an XL. Sizing up mostly effects the elastic "waist" of the windbreaker (the elastic is built to last, so it is strong - -however, overtime it will "break-in" to your perfect size. Sizing up also helps with the length of the bottom of the windbreaker, because in the 80's clothes styles were "shorter."

For A Mens's Slightly Looser/Longer/More Modern Fit:

If you are normally a Small, we recommend a Medium.

M = L

L = XL



Size Recommendations Women:

We recommend ordering in your exact size.

Many times women will size down from a men's size, however because these windbreakers are built to have an 80's look. feel and fit -- they are slightly smaller than a modern cut. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Exactly as advertised, just order 2 sizes up if you’d like a baggy feel


I have been looking for a 90s windbreaker for over a year and all of the vintage ones I purchased on eBay were too worn in. Thank goodness I got a Facebook ad this windbreaker!

It has all of the 90’s style I’ve been wanting, without the second hand wear and tear.

I did read the description for the windbreaker, so I knew to purchase up one size and it fits perfectly!

I had to leave a review after reading the other woman’s review who gave it 3 stars because she said the material, pattern and colors are amazing, but the size was too small — because I work at Yelp and the “review” world and I really felt the need to stick up for this brand/company, as she obviously didn’t do her research, or read about the sizing.

To leave a comment, you literally have to scroll past the sizing recommendations, which says to size up, because they are the original 1980s spec & design and back then clothes cuts and sizes were different.
So, that person gave a great product 3 stars, because she didn’t read about what she was even buying. Sigh… It sounds like instead of exchanging it for a bigger size she just decided to write a poor review. I’m here to let you know, it’s an amazing windbreaker. All you have to do is look at the size recommendations and specs that they provide on this page. :) Cheers!

Lee Ann

Color, pattern, fabric all great!

An XXXL is more like an XL; very disappointing. Buy three sizes bigger than you need unless you want this fitting very snugly. Sucks for anyone who isn’t tiny.