Gecko Space Tiki - Midnight Navy Hoodie


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The Gecko Hawaii Artist Series Presents:
Gecko X Steve Nazar #2: "The Gecko Tiki Space Bar!" Midnight Navy Hoodie!
This 1st Edition hoodie is features artwork from the iconic 1980's cartoonist Steve Nazar, bright neon inks & glow in the dark, retro, 1x puff/textured green ink!


  • 1st edition printing!
  • ONLY 150 MADE! 
  • Color: Navy Midnight -- a very dark, almost black blue.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Uses Retro, Neon Green 1X Textured Puff Ink!
  • Back Graphic & Front Pocket Logo uses Glow In The Dark Green Puff Ink!
  • So many cool characters and secret easter eggs!

From the LEGENDARY mind of artist & cartoonist Steve Nazar -- the guy who literally re-invented "graphic tees" in the 1980's when he brought to life the iconic "Thrilla Gorilla" and "Da' Boys" characters for Town & Country (T&C) Surf -- comes the second, all-new collaboration with Gecko Hawaii for our Artist Series! 

We are stoked to bring you "the sequel design" of our brand-new, motley crew of wild party animals that instantly generate that "nostalgic, 1980's neon, throwback skate/surf" feeling of pure awesomeness that you've been longing for -- with a new gang of neon icons for a whole new generation!

Anybody who grew up in the 1980's either wore (or wanted to wear) a tee with Nazar characters on them, or rented the T&C video game that featured the "Thrilla" characters for their original Nintendo Entertainment System!

For those of you who have been missing the nostalgic, laid back, party/skate/surf vibe of Nazar's artwork -- and have been buying old vintage versions on eBay in order to see it again in all of it's original & amazing neon & lightly puffed ink glory -- the WAIT IS FINALLY OVER -- And GECKO is proud to be the one that does it!

Please note, in general, the cost of our tees are not going up -- these Gecko X Collaboration tees cost more than normal to print, as we used a special, 18 station print/flash retro printing machine to make it as authentic as possible, which costs slightly more to create -- plus we want to be able to support the artists who participate in the Artist series.