Neon Tie-Dye Dad Hat

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Descriptions, Stories & Original History Below!

The "Gecko Petro  Tie-Dy  Dad Hat

Based off our limited edition sponge print hoodies and joggers

  • Unisex
  • Amazing, rare, authentic and unique throwback to the late 80s/early 90s
  • 1980's/90's "rare vintage scrunchy" enclosure.
  • One size fits most! Comfortably Fits almost all heads perfectly!* 
  • 3D Logo Patch

How To Rock Your Dad Hat:

Flip them up, turn them around, twist 'em to the side, or just rock 'em forward.

Dad Hat History With Gecko's Authenticity

The term "Dad Hat" was coined over the past decade to describe the kind of hats that cool kids from the 1980's would wear -- who turned into dad's in the 1990's.

You can spot a dad hat by the soft fabric, the snap/strap/velcro/scrunch back closure -- and/or the weird "Dad Joke," vacation spot, promotional brand/media, or company logo on the front of the cap.

Dad hats have regained their popularity in the past few years, as they are as comfortable and form fitting, as they are ironic.

The first version of Gecko's dad hat re-issues had the "back strap" that was most often found on "vacation/tourist shop" dad hats throughout the island in the 80's/90's -- however...

...We ended up making modifications to V2 of our dad hat based on some of our favorite 1990's Gecko hats, as well as vintage dad hats from places like the Arsenio Hall Show (shout out to Zak K.), Mercedes, Woody Harrelson in "White Men Can't Jump" -- and other island wear. In this process we brought back a a small, retro feature that apparently most brands today seemed to have somehow forgot about -- (but just watch -- after we release this, you'll soon start to see it everywhere over the next year):

We brought back the retro "scrunchie" closure!

It's a subtle, but authentic update that helps the hat fit perfectly around most heads* (see the bottom of this description for detailed sizing)-- making it more comfortable AND more authentically, stylistically and ironically RAD -- than any other dad hat you'll find out there trying to bring back the feeling of the late 80's / early 90's. Gecko's dad hats are the definition of "Dad Hat."

*Dad hats are one size fit most and fit comfortably for head sizes Small, Medium, Large and XL. IE: heads that are 51cm through 62cm

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Rad Hat

Picked this hat up at Radwood as it was warmer than expected. Really love the hat and I know it will get a lot of wear especially in the summer.