Gecko Forbidden Wall Socks

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Descriptions, Stories & Original History Below!

Some of us are lucky to never have to wear shoes year round.

Others of us are MAJOR SHOEHEADS and prefer to showoff our kicks all day, never wanting to take off our shoes in the first place...

Either way, we all know (or are) those people who are forced (or do the enforcing) to take off our shoes when we enter a house -- so why not be "shoeless" in retro style?

If you can't wear your favorite kicks indoors -- then rock your favorite socks instead! 

Introducing --- for the first time ever --- Gecko Party Socks!

Using a special combo of 73% Cotton, 22% Nylon, and 5% Spandex -- we've developed a "retro sock" that is breathable to keep sweat at bay and feels "light and fluffy" all day -- that you'll forget you're even wearing them!

PLUS, they stay on -- not like those flimsy, lame socks that keep falling off your feet all day as soon as you take off your shoes. So, keep your shoes from stinking, keep your toes warm, and give your feet a little extra pizazz.

Please note, the "splatter" sock is inspired by our signature "Splatter" clothing line -- using our splatter colors, along with using our "Broken Gecko" Splatter Logo. All "splatter" is sewn into the sock -- the socks are not hand splattered with puff paint.