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Gecko Beach on Grape Smash "Beefy Tee" - 1987 Re-Issue!

"Grape Smash" is a super dark, rich, smooth purple -- hard to find these days, but it's almost the perfect shade. Think of it as a ultra dark Navy color -- but with purple tones instead of blue!

      • 100%  cotton (slight shrinkage)
      • Classic fit 
      • Proudly Printed In The USA
      • Originally printed in 1987!
      • Printed on the original "Beefy Tee" that many Gecko Hawaii Tees used to be printed on in the late 80s and early 90s! 
    • A Quick Note: The pics don't even capture the awesomeness of this colorway! The purple is super deep, darker and smoother than any other purple we have done. It's even darker than the "Gecko Grid" Purple secret shirt. 

    • The Story of the Gecko Beach Design: A major seller at surf shops, Nordstroms, Macy's and more -- we ran different versions of Gecko Beach for over 10 years, as it was one of our best sellers. The design itself was hand-drawn -- and it's one of the things that really makes the original Gecko Designs so different. We honestly believe that through the process hand drawing the art (versus creating it digitally on a computer in a few hours) the small imperfections, which helped to capture the soul of the art. The hand drawn element captures "The Soul" of the artist. 

      Back then, the artist would go surfing, draw a little, smoke a little, surf a little, draw a little -- and wind up with their final sketch. The process would take over a week. Then, the artist would send the design via FedEx (the days before email). Gecko HQ 2 in California would receive the art, potentially make some notes or recommendations (changes to colors, etc) over the phone, and then Fed-Ex it back to the artist, where they would surf a little, draw a little, etc. -- then send it back with the changes made. 

      Gecko Beach is one of the Gecko designs that worked on EVERY color shirt. For our first go-around this time, we added it to black, white, grey and denim shirts for an extra "neon-pop!" Gecko Beach went through a 7 flash process, (a classic/retro shirt printing style that is not used often these days, because it is a more expensive printing process -- but it's what gives these shirts an all "new" dimension of color. People are so used to getting shirts "printed on demand" -- that these days we are all used to less quality and less color in order to produce shirts cheaper and faster. Not at Gecko! We spare no expense to make it EXACTLY the way you remember!

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