1988 Mint Windbreaker Re-Issue!

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Descriptions, Stories & Original History Below!

You can relive the 80s/90s in our 100% Nylon Windbreaker!

The Gecko Petro Mint Zip Windbreaker IS SO AWESOME!

If you are used to our unisex windbreakers, this SPECIFIC design is slightly different, as it was meant to be EXACTLY like we made it in the 1980's... 

1. The length is slightly shorter. It's great for people 5'10 and shorter. If you are taller than 5 '10, we recommend our other windbreakers with the kangaroo pouch, as they are slightly longer.

2. The cut is "poofy" -- 80s style.

3. It is a FULL zip up (so you don't have to pull it over and ruin your hair!)

4. It has 2 zip up pockets to keep 

AND IT LOOKS RAD if you go "Full suit" and get one of the matching volley shorts or "Arsenio" dad hats -- or you can pair it with anything else you wear -- one part retro, and one part modern -- totally depends on your style!

No more lugging around a heavy hoody. Our lightweight jackets travel great!