1986 Souvenir Palm: Purple Acid - Lost Stock


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"'86 Souvenir Palm!" Purple Acid Wash!

SECRET TEE! Exclusive LOST STOCK! ONLY 135 Available! 

The detail, color and Puff ink is off the hook!

  • Matching Reduced Graphic, Glow-In-The-Dark Front Pocket Logo!
  • Individually hand dyed acid wash -- every one is unique.
  • GLOW IN THE DARK 2X Retro Green and Pink Puff Ink!
  • 100% Cotton!
  • 1986 Nostalgia Overload to the MaXX — CHEEEEEEEECK!
  • A great tee for for that rad, retro vacation tee feel!
  • You'll get compliments every time you wear it!
  •  Check out our sizing guide by clicking on this link!

Note: To achieve the rad, dark/rich purple and unique volcanic acid wash effect -- with undertones of black, grey and pink (depending on how the acid wash came out on that particular tee), we highly recommend washing the garment on COLD -- and by itself -- for the first TWO washes. This will  seal in the darker color -- while removing any excess dye from the tee. After 2 solo washes, you're good to go -- and to put it into any normal dark wash load without fear of the excess dye impacting any other garments in the wash!

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