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Remember Neon Souvenir Trucker Hats From The 1980's?

Gecko Hawaii tried to find a way to replicate them -- to bring back the full nostalgia of taking a trip to the islands in the 1980's -- or living the style for the first time if you weren't alive back then! This is your chance to get a small little piece of the late 1980's (early 90's) fashion that was new, loud -- and WILD -- in the decade where the beach ruled fashion.

They also match with our new neon tees! It's a perfect combo for an outfit to be seen in!

Bottom line -- these hats are a lot of fun, use bright, retro & unique colorways, use the retro Gecko logo, and are built the same way as the early trucker caps of the 1980's -- ON PURPOSE. 

  • Extremely bright neon colors!
  • Original 1980's mesh (the hard gritty kind that you break in after multiple wears to that eventually shapes to your head.
  • Original 1980s "foam" strip sweat band -- like, the kind they use on the tongues of "retro" shoes.
  • Snap back fastener

Trucker hats became fun and ironic in the late 90’s and early 2000’s — but prior to that — they were just one of the "standard" hats that were available. However, in places like Oahu and Venice beach, you'd be stoked -- finding trucker hats with so much neon color, they looked like a neon sign! 

These were not “well built” hats the way they are today — the mesh was real mesh — the “sweat line” used a little piece of foam (the kind of foam that is now used to show off retro “shoe tongues” — the back “snap” fasteners were all the same (some closed better than others) — but if you were lucky, you either found one that fit you well, or you would mold it to fit you right by placing it in the dishwasher and then popping it on your head the second it was done — or, using steel wool to soften the mesh.

Bottom line -- these hats are a lot of fun, unique colorways, use the retro Gecko logo, and are built the same way as the early trucker caps of the 1980's -- ON PURPOSE. 

Customer Reviews

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So nostalgic. So vivid!

I was part of a “test” (Gecko Fam members are sometimes picked at random to get early access to potential upcoming products) and I got mine 2 weeks ago — I got the neon Green & neon yellow hats. I almost broke down in happy tears when I got them, because IRL they caused me to access a long forgotten memory of shopping at an ABC store — with my parents — in Hawaii as a kid. My dad is no longer with us so it meant a lot. I love what Gecko is trying to do here. They are not trying to invent a new amazing hat. They are replicating an old one for nostalgia sake. It’s super authentic. My favorite parts are the colors (extremely vivid neons, the perfect neon green and neon light lemon yellow.) The yellow is actually my favorite of the two because it’s that really unique 1980s neon lemon which I can never find. They are easy to break in too. The bill comes slightly rolled (not flat) and the front is made from that old eightees puffy material which seals the deal for me. The only thing I’d change would be to have the mesh softer, but I understand it’s authentic and that’s how it was made back then, so I followed one of thier “break-in” tips and lightly sanded the mesh using steel wool (steel wool is super inexpensive and you can buy it at any grocery store) — just make sure to sand it lightly. It only took 3 min and now the mesh is super soft. I think I’m going to buy the orange and pink just to finish off the collection. DEFINETLY worth it — for the look and nostalgia alone!