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YES! New Retro Performance Windbreakers Are Finally Here!

Get on that Stripe Hype! We are beyond stoked for this windbreaker!

Gecko Hawaii's Red Stripe performance "Generation 2" windbreaker takes you straight back in time to those rad 80s & 90s days. Yeah -- it's fun, but it's also functional, comfortable, keeps you dry & warm --- and you look amazing too!

Although the Generation 1 Gecko Windbreakers were cut with the exact specifications from the 1980s, we modified the "The Generation 2 Windbreakers" very slightly to be 3 inches longer after feedback from the Gecko Fam. It looks the same, but fits people above 6 feet much better. Onlookers can't tell the difference! 

100% Nylon Windbreaker. Rain? No problem. The water coasts off it. Wind? No problem -- it cuts right through it!

Our Gecko Stripe pattern was a HUGE seller in the late 80s and early 90s and has that retro look/feel that will make everyone jealous.

Plus the kick-ass, retro, kangaroo zip-up front pouch -- with side pockets to keep your hands warm and look cool while doing it!  Super light weight to jam in a bag -- this is the perfect fall jacket to be rad everywhere you go this fall and winter.

Pop-up the collar, or slide it down -- however your dad used to wear it!

And don't forget to go "Full Suit" by pairing it with the Red Stripe Beach Pants!

Customer Reviews

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David Riesner
Best online purchase this year

It’s stylish, comfortable, fits perfect, and a great value for the price. I would recommend it but I don’t want everyone to have the same drip I’m rocking ;)

Sammy T
Personal favorite

The design and colors look hella cool. Material is breathable and light. It doesn't make me all sweaty or stick my skin like other windbreakers. Overall extremely satisfied!

Tyler Biedermann
How much do YOU enjoy looking good?

Let me rephrase that: are you comfortable looking BETTER than everyone else? If you are then get yourself a windbreaker and matching pants because you will stand out in any company.

John Dietz
Is this windbreaker color changing?

Just wondering before I buy it...


Only issue is the strength of elastic on the waist: has a tendency to ride up with movement