Gecko Multi Stripe Beach Pants


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Throwback. Vintage. Retro. All the above?

The Gecko Hawaii "Beach Pant" is our original, Lightweight, muscle beach/parachute-style 1980s pant that helped put Gecko on the map. It was one of the first ever pieces of apparel that was a Hawaii/California collaboration style that popped up from Honolulu -- all the way to Venice Beach, because they could be worn when it was cold on the beach in the morning, yet helped keep legs cool all day in the hot, hot sun. 

Perfect for the beach, skating, music festivals, EDM, cover-up, lounging & of course pajamas.

Original Hand Late 1980s, Early 1990s Drawn Pattern.

Lightweight throwback parachute-style pants.

Think "Saved By The Bell," or "MC Hammer" Pants.

Perfect for the beach, music festivals, EDM, cover-up, lounging, pajamas.

100% Nylon 100% Fun

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