Wall Tie-Dye Purple Candy/Pink Cherry Split

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Descriptions, Stories & Original History Below!

This is one of our favorites from the new tie-dye collection, because there is nothing else in our catalogue quite like it with this combo of colors.

These 2 colors do AMAZING things to the eyeballs! It's a REALLY hard tee to take a pic of and get the colors exactly how they look in real life... however, when you see it in person, you will be EXTREMELY pleased!

Both of these colors are VERY unique. The Purple is a really cool color -- it's almost a blue, (sort of like a hyacinth or deeper lilac) -- and the pink is a very unique pink that almost looks like a red, or blush, or cherry pop rocks candy-- it's purposely lighter in some areas and darker in others.  NO ONE else will have a shirt like this, equipped with our 1988 Retro Belt Print Gecko Wall pattern,  this Gecko Tye Dye has a rad history behind it!

  • Hand Dyed & Crafted
  • Each Tee is Unique!
  • 100% Cotton
  •  6.1 Oz.  Ringspun Combed Cotton!
  • Uses our iconic, super retro, 1988 "Gecko Wall" Pattern 
  • Super Soft!
  • Belt Printed & Hand Dyed in the USA.

 This tee is belt printed front and back and then tie dyed by hand. No two are exactly alike. You will love wearing this 80s throwback!