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Gecko leads the pack in style with our all new, high performance "RAD" HAT!

In 2019, while walking around Honolulu, we went from store to store trying to find a hat that was BOTH stylish AND technical/functional. However, our search was futile. Everywhere we looked it was only one or the other. If we wanted something to hike in, the options were... not attractive. When we found something rad enough to rock, it was either not comfy, or couldn't protect our heads from the sun, or even withstand a few dips in the ocean. When we did any comfortable headwear that provided some (not all) of these functional aspects... well... there is no sugar coating it... they were ugly, or embarrassing, or boring.

That was the exact moment we began to conceptualize  the idea of a "R.A.D. Hat." It stands for Radical AND Durable.  

Our goal was to create a hat that was a stylish as it is technical.  

It's a sleek mashup between our 1980's Retro 5 Panel hat style and a modern day "ball cap" --  for a modern look with a throwback shout out. The technical aspects promote protection from the sun, lightweight comfort, breathability, sweat absorption, the ability to get wet and dry fast -- and of course be super durable.

How To Wear It:

• Looks great flat billed facing front.

• Looks dope flat billed & twisted backward.

• For those who like a classic look, just curve the bill (everyone has their own bill folding technique) and it will mold straight to your dome.

The Rad Hat was designed for everyone -- it's lightweight, but built with serious durability for max performance to wear while it in the water, skating, playing sports, camping & canoeing, or just wandering city streets looking rad! 

Rad Hat Tech Specs:

  • Breathable Net-- 95% Poly & 5% Spandex to stay cool while it's hot.
  • Adjustable Strap. One size fits most.
  • Floats -- Don't lose your hat in the ocean, rapids, or... the hot-tub (It happens... don't judge).
  • Triple absorbent, built-in lightweight & bio neutralizing sweatband (Don't worry about forehead sweat -- or any smell it may bring!)
  • 40+ UPF to protect peeps with thinner hair, buzz cuts, or the Mr. Clean look.
  • Secret "Gecko Wall" fabric panel inside the hat.
  • Iconic & Retro - 3D - Gecko Hawaii Patch & 3D Gecko on the lid. It's dope, but it can also be removed if you want to (But why would you?)


Customer Reviews

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Ryan Birk
Best wakesurfing hat

I needed a hat that wouldn’t fade or have that nasty odor when it dried, while I wakesurf in the delta. This is a must have for on the boat. Drys quick, no smell, no fading. Gecko for the win