Surf N' Sun - Summer Splatter White Glow Tee

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Descriptions, Stories & Original History Below!

  • 100% Original Hand Drawn Artwork From 1989 (The detail is crazy!)
  • 2X 80s Glow in the dark green & pink Retro Puffed-Ink!
  • Hand Splattered! Every TEE is unique!
  • Printed on a Gecko Beach TEE!
  • The Design is on BOTH THE FRONT AND THE BACK! Just like the original from 1988!
  • White tee with Glow In The Dark splatter looks sooooo authentically 1980's! 
  • Unisex - If you are in between sizes purchase 1 size up
  • Click here to see the sizing guide and use "Gecko Beach Tee"for specs.

Designed With Puff-Ink 3D Texture (That's What Made 80s/90s Shirts So RAD!)
that will age/crack with wear, for a one of a kind/personalized vintage look!
A very light and extremely soft cotton!

SURF N' SUN is a real "classic 1980's Gecko tee and was so popular that it inspired tons of bootlegs at the time of it's original release!

In 2022 we re-issued Surf N' Sun for the first time, but it had long sold out. During that time, we sampled a few prints on white splatter -- but never printed the run -- even though (in our opinion) it was the best looking of all the samples! This is the first time we have released it to the public!

In fact, back in 2022, we had printed 2 or 3 tees that we used for contest giveaways (using plain splatter, and no glow puff ink) and a white splatter hoody, that we hung up in our office. Literally EVERY person who came into our office would walk right up to the white splatter hoodie & tee versions of SURF N' SUN and ask us if it was for sale -- and if they could buy it.  It was that great looking and eye catching!

This is a shirt that 100% emanates the carefree feeling of late 1980's beach style-- and as wild as it is, it looks REALLY great on everyone who wears it. There is nothing else like it out there today! 

From the extremely expensive glow in the dark splatter paint,  and the glow in the dark puffed inks, to the hand-crafted splatter (by professional splatter artists), combined with the high quality, 100% cotton Gecko Beach Tees and Tanks -- it is worth every penny!   

SURF N' SUN Glow In The Dark Splatter is the perfect tee for a lazy Sunday, or nighttime bonfire & drum circle at the beach/lake/river, or an afternoon walk in Waikiki, or a day stroll along Venice Blvd. It's a happy day, bright, "feel-my-vibe" kind of tee.  We guarantee that when you wear it, people will stop you and comment on your shirt. They will smile at you, perfect strangers will say, "That shirt is so rad!" -- you will see heads turn -- while showing off what a unique, rad, retro and confident style you have.

Surf 'N Sun looks great with anything, it pairs perfectly with solid black shorts, solid neon shorts -- but REALLY POPS OUT -- when you rock it with ANY COLOR ACID WASH DENIM (especially black acid wash, grey acid wash, and light blue denim acid wash pants, or shorts!)

Why is it that so many "modern" shirts today can't truly recreate that much sought after, summer, retro 80's & 90's, laid back & nostalgic beach vacation feel? It's something that can be EXTREMELY HARD to put your finger on -- but Gecko gets it -- and it's how we are able to make it stand apart from anything else out there. It comes down to 2 major secret components that are a part of Gecko's DNA:

1. Using the original retro processes to recreate the apparel and paying close attention to the smallest details.

2. Using actual humans that care instead of digital machines that save money.

These are core to Gecko's DNA -- And 2 components that we believe can make or break the nostalgic vibe of a tee. 

Nowadays -- even when people are trying to re-issue old, retro tees, they completely miss the mark -- and you can tell that the tee "has no soul." They don't realize that in order to fully bring back that feeling, it starts with the original PROCESS -- which (in our case) uses REAL PEOPLE -- as you can't get the same look and feel using a computer graphic and digital printer. It takes REAL HUMANS to make sure the details are on point. And real humans means skilled labor, which costs money -- and unfortunately, most companies are only thinking about the bottom line -- and not the end experience the product is going to have on the customer. 

Gecko's theory is that with REAL HUMANS working on each piece of the artistic process, from splattering, to mixing ink colors, to analog printing, to labeling, -- the creator of each part of the process shares a little bit of their soul and care with the apparel they are creating. In our opinion, this creates a far superior, happier-feeling, more nostalgic and authentic 1980's & 90's experience -- which can't be duplicated by a simple "print on demand," automated production.

When we redeveloped SURF N' SUN for this special 2024 Glow-In-The-Dark Splatter Reissue, we made the design larger on the front and back than we did in 2022 -- which is more accurate to the original from 1988. It looks ferociously radical on every dude and dudette that wear it!