Gecko Muscle Beach V2 1988 Black Tee

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Gecko Hawaii “Muscle Beach” V2 1988!

In 2021, we re-issued Gecko's 1987 Iconic Classic, "Muscle Beach" -- with it's awesome hand-drawn font that looks a lot like the Stranger Things opening intro --for the first time in 30 years!

Now, we are stoked to re-issue the 1988 version of Muscle Beach: Gecko Muscle Beach Version/Variant 2, which used a different ink colorway. The 1987 version used a neon cherry outline with a blue filling. The 1988 version uses a neon green outline with a purple filling... and GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Gecko's Muscle Beach V2 1988 Tee Features

You can begin to see the colors changing ever so slightly from the pink/blue tones of the mid eighties, to the purple/green/blue tones of the late 80's & early 90's!

About The Design

  • "Muscle Beach" was part of a “cross rad cultures” era, where we unknowingly combined the best 80s Hawaiian and Californian street wear — ushering in an electric era of electric neon, extreme sports active wear.

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    Stephen Dorf
    Very disappointed

    I was super excited to get these shirts I ordered. Unfortunately I was very disappointed. The quality is really bad and cheaply made. the stitching around the neck and shoulders bunches up unevenly and the quality of material is not good. I would not recommend. I payed 50 something dollars expecting better. I wouldn’t t have payed 5 dollars if i saw in person first