Hot Pink Gecko Wall '90's Beach Pants

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Gecko Beach Pants Version 2.0!

90s Neon Colors. Lightweight throwback parachute-style pants.

Wear them to lounge, skate, couch surf, jog, walk, run, festivals, have fun, workout -- you name it. So light, it feels like you have nothing on, yet at the same time, everyone you walk by will say "I like your pants!"

Think "Saved By The Bell," or "MC Hammer" Pants.


  • Unisex
  • The actual color is much bolder, neon and bright then the photos -- the camera can't pick up the total brightness of these pants!
  • Lightweight - Perfect for hot days, or cold ones!
  • Durable Elastic Waist Band
  • NEW - More flexibility! We added a waist tie - so you can choose the level of comfort for your waist!
  • Pockets!

The big change this time was making the elastic band a little looser and adding a waist tie (like we had in the 90s) -- to provide more flexibility -- and so that you can choose how tight or loose you prefer the waist to be when either lounging around, or being active!

    The Gecko "Wall" pattern was originally released in 1988 and was one of Gecko Hawaii's most popular styles in the late 80's and early '90s. (See the original ad from the 80s below!)

    Size Recommendation:

    These are pretty true to size -- especially with the waist tie! You can go up a size if you prefer a looser waist fit.

    The size chart below represents relaxed elastic waist size through stretched elastic waist size:

    Perfect for the beach, music festivals, EDM, cover-up, lounging, pajamas.
    These are bright! (Batteries not included)
    100% Nylon 100% Fun

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    Fantastic!! Just like I remember from growing up!