Gecko Petro HOT PINK Beach Pants (1988)


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Gecko Hawaii

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1988 called! They want their pants back! But too bad! 


  • Lightweight - Perfect for hot days, or cold ones!
  • Durable Elastic Waist Band
  • Pockets!
  • Unisex

The Gecko "Petro" pattern was originally released in 1988 and was one of Gecko Hawaii's most popular styles in the late 80's and early '90s. (See the original ad from the 80s below!)

90s Neon Colors. Lightweight throwback parachute-style pants.

Think "Saved By The Bell," or "MC Hammer" Pants.

Perfect for the beach, music festivals, EDM, cover-up, lounging, pajamas.
These are bright! (Batteries not included)
100% Nylon 100% Fun

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