Gecko Beach-- Microfiber Beach Towel

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Micro Fiber Beach Towel

Originally Hand Drawn in 1989

PERFECT FOR: The Beach, lake, pool, camping, boating, hiking and yoga

DRIES SUPER FAST- 3 times faster than normal cotton

SAND WON'T STICK- The sand brushes right off. Leave the sand at the beach not in your car or bag

ULTRA SOFT & LIGHTWEIGHT- It's a Large Beach Towel, but it can be folded into Beach bags-- or even some pockets!

Get noticed while laying out-- or drying off!

35" x 74"

100% Microfiber Polyester


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

The microfiber fabric is really interesting. This will be a tool I take on the boat with me since it is fast drying.


I love this towel! It’s huge! And it’s microfiber so it really helps dry off. The colors are bright and haven’t faded at all.

Cimarron Kuskie
Huge towel

Didn’t realize it was so big and that it’s a micro fiber towel. I don’t like this but my girlfriend does so I have it to her and she uses it for the gym. They dry so fast and since it’s so big it works great to wrap around the body. Nice work guys!

Cody Conklin
Best thing to bring to the beach

It's pretty big I'm 6 foot 1 and it's awesome that it dries super fast amd sand doesnt get stuck inside of it like a normal towel and the colors are amazing like always

Love this towel

This towel is huge! I love the vibrant colors and the quick dry nature— it is always packed for beach day!