The Gecko Cooler Can Carrier Sling (Wild Gecko)


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Gecko Hawaii SKU: GHSPLT6PAK

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The Coolest Invention Since the "Coolest Cooler!"

  • Totally Unique. Totally Functional. Totally Cool.
  • Keeps cans cool in the sun for hours on end
  • Holds Up To 6 Tasty Canned Beverages
  • 2 Designs to choose from: Retro Wild Gecko & Gecko Multi!

 Zip-up & Carry those "party cans" people! The easiest way to carry cans & keep them cool for hours and hours!

Sling the beach, camp fire, stash them in the closet, look super cool & keep 'em super cold! There is NOTHING better than an ice cold can after spending hours in the sun!

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