Secret Gecko Vision HyperFLASH Tee


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Gecko Hawaii SKU: GHVISGTY-L

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Original Year Of Design: 1988!

Shirt Material: 100% Ringspun Cotton 

HYPERFLASH: T-Shirt Changes from  Green to Yellow  at 88 Degrees! Just like a living breathing Tie-Dye! A fad from the early 90's that was so rad, we brought it back!

  • Retro Printing Style: Glow In The Dark Retro Pink & Green Puffed Ink!
  • Hyperflash Heat Activated Color Change
  • Retro Front Pocket Logo Glows In The Dark
  • Gecko Vision back design glows in the dark
  • 100% Cotton Gecko Beach Tee
  • Super Light & Fluffy!

Throw on a copy of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, They Live, or Max Headroom, crank up Don't Worry Be Happy, Kokomo, or some Van Halen on your speakers -- and come with us into the Gecko Vault -- as we bring back an original Gecko Hawaii design that brings back the nostalgia of the year 1988 "to the tee!"

This design is a CLASSIC! The original is very difficult to find in the "vintage" markets, because people wore it so much back in the day that there are not many left in a "non-thrashed" condition.

VARIATION: This is actually our second re-issue of Gecko Vision since our relaunch. The first version was released as a secret tee on a "Rock Grey" long sleeve tee & white and black cotton tees. It also had a "Blue Square" background.  However, this version has a grey background for a "quad-color" effect (Grey, Pink, Green, Black) and is glow in the dark for the first time. The glow utilizes pink and green glow, so it looks like a neon bar sign in the dark -- it's very cool.

Puffed ink made shirts in the 80's and 90's have more depth, 3-dimensional detail and brightness! As time went on, and years passed, the ink would crack for an ultimate vintage shirt look.


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