Primitive Gecko WHITE Long Sleeve


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Primitive Gecko 1989 Re-Issue on a Classic Fit, Longsleeve White Tee


This shirt POPS LIKE CRAZY ON WHITE! It looks amazing!

A Super High-Quality, Thick, Classic Fit  -- that is true to size.

(It's the same long sleeve as our Glow In The Dark, Limited Edition Skulls Tee.)

The beauty of this tee is not only how great it looks, but it's thick enough so that you don't see underneath it. PLUS it can also be used for layering, as there is no sleeve print!

Retro Printed With Puff Ink

Dark/Bright Neon Pink Front Pocket Logo

1989 was the dawn of a new age for streetwear and when the "Primitive Gecko" design made it's first debut! The blockbusters (now cult favorite) movies that radical summer were Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Weekend At Bernies -- if you've never seen either of these movies... it's about time that you did! They aged like a fine box of wine! ) At this point in Gecko Hawaii history, the brand was exploding across the country and "Primitive Gecko" was hard to keep on the shelves -- which made it even more sought after!