Primitive Gecko: Sea Jade


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The Primitive Gecko 1989 Re-Issue

Sea Jade Beach Tee: Makes Blue, Brown & Hazel eyes POP!

Take a stroll with in the Gecko Hawaii Time-Machine as we travel back in time and bring Primitive Gecko back to the future! 

Sea Jade Beach Tee: Makes Blue, Brown & Hazel eyes POP!

100% Ringspun Cotton (Super Frick'n Soft!)

Retro Printed With Puff Ink

Dark/Bright Neon Pink Front Pocket Logo

1989 was the dawn of a new age for streetwear and when the "Primitive Gecko" design made it's first debut! The blockbusters (now cult favorite) movies that radical summer were Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Weekend At Bernies -- if you've never seen either of these movies... it's about time that you did! They aged like a fine box of wine! ) At this point in Gecko Hawaii history, the brand was exploding across the country and "Primitive Gecko" was hard to keep on the shelves -- which made it even more sought after!