Limited Edition Gecko X Champion "Surf Camp" Retro Stitched Ringer


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Gecko Surf Camp Limited Edition Ringer 1988 Re-Issue!

Gecko X Champion

100% Cotton

We wanted the Gecko Surf Camp re-issue to do two things:

  1. Bring back the nostalgic look & feel of going to a summer camp in the 1980s.
  2. Be a shirt like none other in our collection.

The Collab with Champion uses the same type of tee we used for our ringers in the 80’s and it may be fate, because Champion is discontinuing these — so it’s definitely one of the last times to get them!

The way the design POPS with color in real life is totally amazing. These images don't even capture the richness and super serious 80s factor of these shirts. The feeling that you'll get when you open the package of these awesome relics will overwhelm you... it really is hard to find rad shirts in these colors nowadays. Prepare for people to stop you and comment on your shirt throughout your day.

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