KIDS Wild Gecko Islands - HYPERFLASH: Purple to Pink
KIDS Wild Gecko Islands - HYPERFLASH: Purple to Pink
KIDS Wild Gecko Islands - HYPERFLASH: Purple to Pink
KIDS Wild Gecko Islands - HYPERFLASH: Purple to Pink


KIDS Wild Gecko Islands - HYPERFLASH: Purple to Pink

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Gecko HawaiiHYPERFLASH presents...

 Kids "Wild Gecko Islands"  HYPERFLASH: Purple to Pink!

Gecko HYPERFLASH is a homage and retro flashback to the magical "thermochromatic" color-changing apparel of the early 1990's.

About This Shirt:

There was a period from 1986 through 1988, where graphics & funny slogans were pushed to the limits.

When Crazy Shirts actually had crazy shirts.

And It was during this time where brands from the Islands  -- like Gecko HawaiiLocoMotion and T&C washed ashore the mainland, became adopted by the cool kids and quickly spread a bad-ass, colorful, 80's neon-party, Aloha vibe throughout the states.

Maybe it was the soul of the artists captured in the hand-drawn art (before computers), or the totally rad colors (before digital printers dulled it down) -- or the memorable logos & brand characters (that sometimes felt like comics)-- but whatever it was -- something about this style helped to make the mid/late 1980's feel like our last endless summer.

This is one of our Tees From the era...

Using our original retro printing methods, we created a Double Puffed Ink version of this 1987 classic, authentic & EXTRA retro puffy 80's graphic!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Classic Fit 
  • Printed at Gecko HQ
  • Neon  -- like you have never seen from Gecko in YEARS! We took our time to mix these paints JUST RIGHT!



"Puff Ink" Front Pocket Logo!


How To Choose Your Fit & Size

For HYPERFLASH ThermoChromatic Tees

If you've tried our slim fit tees and our classic fit/pigment dyed tees --  the sizing of these is somewhere in between. For the long sleeve shirts, If you like a looser feel/fit, definitely go a size up. If you are taller and like longer sleeves, we recommend you go a size up too. However, if you have shorter arms, or you like a normal/slightly slimmer fit -- go with your true to size.

The sizing of these are slightly different than our normal tees, because with the Thermochromatic dyes, they go through a washing process -- which eliminates 95% of shrinkage prior to purchase. 

RETURN OF THE RETRO 80S "Puff Ink" Front Pocket Logo!

Gecko Hawaii HYPERFLASH shirts are heat activated and change color around 80 degrees, which gives it a super rare, "living, breathing, tie dye" feeling. Think of it as "the mood ring" of t-shirts -- but WAAAAAY cooler!

Thermochromatic technology has improved dramatically since the 1990's, but most apparel companies don't make it, because they are afraid to take risks, and it is REALLY expensive to make. However, our fans kept asking since our relaunch, so we are making it happen again!

To be notified about Surprise Gecko X VAULT EXCLUSIVE & Limited Releases, purchase $100 of Gecko products (over the course of a year).


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Small  28 - 30 inches 23 - 30 inches 25 - 27 inches
Medium  31 - 33 inches 25 - 34 inches 27 - 29 inches
Large  34 - 36 inches 27 - 36 inches 29 - 31 inches
X-Large  37 - 39 inches 29 - 39 inches 31 - 33 inches
XX-Large  40 - 42 inches 31 - 42 inches

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