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This may be one of the raddest crew pullovers we have EVER made!

  • On a 1980's as a classic crewneck pullover sweatshirt!
  • 1980's shoulder cut (no shoulder pads, lol, but they do have the "sharp" shoulder cut, which looks good on EVERYONE! 
  • Uses Blue, Pink and Green Glow In The Dark Puff ink! 
  • Individually hand-splattered! Like how it used to be done in the 80's! Each one is unique! 
  • 1980's Space Gecko Design on the back! Glow splatter is all over!
  • Glow In the dark, 1980's pink/green, retro puffed front pocket logo!
  • 100% cotton 
  • Extremely soft, comfy and FUN!
  • Unisex -- we recommend women go a size smaller than normal for a more fitted feel -- and men go actual size -- or a size larger for a looser feel. These will shrink in the dryer.
A year ago we started production on it. Our idea -- how do you take something super retro, make it look and feel authentic -- like it did in 1987 through 93 -- to maintain the nostalgia -- yet innovate it? 
And Glow-In-The-Dark Splatter was born.
We can't even begin to tell you how stoked we are -- and how epic this is. There is LITERALLY NOTHING like it on the market.
We went through tons of revisions -- and it took a full year until we got it PERFECT.
It literally looks like splatter by day, and a galaxy by night.
You will honestly feel like you're like you're a god of your own moving galaxy! 

About the process and the cost:

If any other brand made these -- the tees would start at $100 and hoodies would go up to $249. We wouldn't do that to our Gecko Fam.

However, these are more expensive than our other splatter apparel and we thought we'd give you some behind the scenes info about why that is -- by giving a peek into the development process.
We are doing this limited run, primarily for the Gecko Fam fanbase. If we make another batch -- or do this again -- they will be more expensive, (so you should get your stuff now while it costs less), because everything that goes into creating these specialty designs is about 2 to 3 times more expensive than even our regular splatter.
Glow-In-the-dark splatter seems like a pretty simple concept to execute... "C'mon dudes! Just make it glow! What's the big deal?" -- but sometimes the most simple things are actually the hardest to execute. It took us a year to finally get it perfect. 
Not only does it look almost identical to the original (which was very important to us), but in order to make them glow, we had to experiment with the paint -- break the norms of what is possible. (If it was easy and inexpensive, then everyone would do it.) Adding the ability to "glow" changes the original paint dramatically. Some of the problems we had to experiment and trouble shoot were:
1. How to keep the texture the same: Adding glow can make the paint to "liquidy" or too "clumpy."
2. Figuring out how to set it -- so that it never washes away: In one of our first iterations, we thought we got it perfect... until we put it through the wash. We discovered that we needed to "flash" dry it 5 times -- and then ALSO put it through the screen dryer in order for our glow paint mix to set and remain super durable -- even after multiple washes.
3. How to keep the colors the same: Adding glow can dramatically change the retro colors that are so important to our particular splatter -- changing the colors can make it feel like a different brand, or not as authentic. The hardest color for us to finalize was the pink. Over the years, the pink we've used in our splatter has ranged from a light pastel neon pink, to a dark, hot pink (almost red).  In the end we settled with a slightly darker pink than usual, because in the dark it glows a bright neon pink -- but it still stays true to the original, authentic colors we released in 1988.
4. Splatter Technique: Once we got everything the way we wanted it, we weren't sure if it would work with the same spray guns and splatter tools we use due to the weight and texture. That could potentially impact the entire look and feel of HOW the paint is splattered on the apparel. 
5. Will the paint work on a shirt?: Different cottons and fabrics respond differently to different types of paint textures. The wrong combo can lead to some pretty stiff, uncomfortable clothes (everyone has experienced a shirt that looks cool, but the design is so hard, that it's uncomfortable to wear. We wanted none of that. Also, some cottons stretch in such a way that they warp the design. We didn't want that either -- so we had to figure out how to either adapt the paint to the tee (so that it moves and stretches with the tee) or use a tee that worked best with the paint we mixed. End result -- we think you'll love it -- we made it all work! 
6. What will it cost?: The final paint that we went with -- which we then use to mix -- cost 3X the amount of our normal splatter paint. The drying process ended up taking several more rounds (which takes more time/labor costs and energy cost), the equipment we spray with had to be changed more often, (more expenses for parts) could change the  we use, or if the eased.

All of this is why it took a year to develop -- and why it costs a little more than our normal splatter tees.

Most companies/brands won't make this, because they afraid to try something different when it is so expensive to create -- but that's what Gecko is all about -- taking a risk to make stuff that blows the expectations out of the water. 

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