Gecko Volleyball '88 Tank


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Gecko Volleyball - Release


RE-ISSUED for the first time in 30 years on 8/20/21!

We made "Gecko Volleyball" for part of our authentic collection -- and make it as true to the original as possible! This includes all of the original imperfections in the Gecko and the art.  We are also releasing it on a classic mid 80's, dark, teal with awesome 80s neon inks, and of course -- classic, double PUFF ink! 

People will -- without a doubt -- think that you are cruising around in a real vintage version of Gecko Hawaii Volleyball. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Classic Fit
  • 1980s Teal Mint
  • Printed at Gecko HQ
  • 1980's Puffed Ink
  • Front Pocket Logo

1988, the USA Men's Olympic Volleyball Team defeated the Soviet team to win the gold medal. With all of the crazy political things happening at the time between USA and Russia, it meant so much more here than just a "win."  and there was a proud and party atmosphere in the air. Beach life and style was at the top of it's game and that summer, the Olympics propelled Volleyball into a major peak of popularity.

We brought back this awesome gem of a tee, to coincide with the Olympics and also because it SCREAMS mid 1980s. You may also notice how different the Gecko looked back then than the super clean gecko of today --- yet still iconic and influential. It's an  EXTREMELY difficult vintage find -- in fact we've only seen 2 of them in the past 4 years -- and we have our feelers out there! 

Get it before it's gone for another 30 years! Lol!


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