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The 1986 Classic: Gecko Style! 

(ReIssue V.2)

On a Gecko Hawaii 100% Cotton Unisex Beach Tee

  • Originally printed in 1986!
  • 2X Retro Puff Ink!
  • Iconic 80's/90's puffed front pocket logo!
  • 100% Ringspun Cotton
  • One of our most popular classics!

About The Design

This shirt that we’ve brought back from the Gecko Vault is called “Gecko Style” — and it was really one of the first Gecko Hawaii Tees that was a SMASH hit at mainland surf shops.  For some reason, we  specifically remember it first going absolutely wild in Santa Cruz, CA.

Today, Gecko Style is an EXTREMELY RARE find in the vintage world. It encapsulates the mid-eighties to a “Tee.” From the font (all hand drawn) to the puff, to the neon, and it also stars a more “Vintage” looking version of what would become our iconic Gecko.

We did EVERYTHING to try and keep this design great shirt to rep Gecko as a brand, and one the first times that Hawaiian and California surf, skate, sport & streetwear collided. The rest —as they say —- is history!


How To Choose Your Fit & Size

 The Gecko Hawaii "Beach Tee" is a very lightweight, ringspun cotton. It's great when the heat is out, because it's so soft and light. The beach tee is slightly slimmer than a "classic fit" tee -- so we recommend sizing up 1 size for most men. For women, you should be good with the "normal size." 

Because they are soft cotton, they do shrink, so if you size up and it's a little too big, simply put it into the dryer for 45 minutes and it will shrink a bit. If you get a size that feels too small, throw it in the wash and when it's wet, stretch it out and let it hang dry. This is a great way to get the PERFECT fit (however, it will fit 95% of you perfectly as is.)

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