Gecko Rock Cafe 1986 Hot Pink Pop Rox


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The year was 1986 and The Hard Rock Cafe ruled supreme! This was a tee that SO MANY young Gecko Fans owned and will time warp you back to a place before Planet Hollywood appeared (and eventually dissapeared). The 80s was a callback to the 60's and this shirt is so authentically mid-eightees that your brain may go into full nostalgia overload!

  • 50% Cotton 50% Poly
  • Super Soft
  • Classic Fit -- Get your ACTUAL size -- these don't really shrink due to the soft blend.
  • Puffed-Ink!
    An AWESOME Deep, Bright & Rich Pink Neon that you could pretty much only find in 1986 & 1987 -- think about it as something you may have found at "ESPIRIT" back in the day!
    We call it "Pop Rox" because it really does look like candy -- and when you see it in real life, It tantalizes the "feel good center" of the brain. Pics on the screen don't do it justice! You DON'T have this pink in your wardrobe -- trust us! After you put this on, no Neon Pink will ever be the same...