Gecko Rock Cafe 1986 Black Beach Tee


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The year was 1986 and The Hard Rock Cafe ruled supreme! This was a tee that SO MANY young Gecko Fans owned and will time warp you back to a place before Planet Hollywood appeared (and eventually disappeared). The 80s was a callback to the 60's and this shirt is so authentically mid-eighties, that your brain may go into full nostalgia overload!

Our Black and White Cotton Beach Tees are AMAZING! They will become one of your favorite shirts -- but the key is buying the right size!

We explain in detail below, so that you know which size to get for your PERFECT fit!

About Sizing of Gecko Beach Tees --- IE Which Size Should I Buy?

They are 100% Ring Spun Cotton, super light weight, soft and although the cut is called "slim fit" --  don't let the "slim fit" cut fool you. It's not "SUPER SLIM" -- it's just unisex -- this means that anyone can fit into them perfectly -- it's all about choosing the right size.

Don't think that these tees won't fit you because they are slim -- you may just need to go the size up! We'll explain below...

Beach Tee Sizing For Men:

1. If you are usually a medium and prefer a normal fitted tee that fits snuggly against your arms and have a flat stomach-- than you will want to purchase your actual size -- a medium.

2. However, if you are usually a medium in "classic fit" tees, but sometimes tees seem to be a little small for you around your stomach -- that's probably because the tee is a slim fit. This means that although you usually buy medium, you'll probably feel more comfortable in a large.  A large will actually fit this body type slightly better than your normal "classic fit" medium tee.

3. If you worry that a large may be a little to large for your build, the key is too wash it on "hot" -- and then put it in the dryer for about 45 min. This will shrink the shirt to be slightly larger than a medium. It's a very comfortable sizing. 

4. If you get your shirt and don't want it to shrink at all, we recommend washing it on a cold setting and then pulling it out of the dryer when it's still slightly damp and wearing it. This will stop it from shrinking at all.

5. These shirts are SUPER STRETCHY! So if your tee does shrink, don't worry! Just stretch it (make sure not to stretch it to hard around the seams though -- that can rip the stitching. These tees are pretty durable though, so that rarely happens.

Beach Tee Sizing For Women:

1. The beach tees are slimmer than classic guys shirts, so they are slightly larger than a normal tee designed just for a woman. If you prefer a very slightly looser fit, get your normal size. It will shrink when you put it in the dryer.

2. For a slightly tighter fit, go down a size -- or get your normal size, then wash it on "hot" -- followed by putting it in the dryer for 45 min to an hour.

3. The shirts are stretchy -- so you should feel comfy whichever size you choose!

Follow those same guidelines for whatever size you like!

If you've never tried one before, or perhaps you purchased one in the past and felt that it was too tight, the key is fit & sizing -- they fit almost everyone perfectly, as long as you get the size that you feel most comfortable in!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Super Soft
  • Puffed-Ink!