Gecko Muscle Beach 80s Grape SMASH Tee


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Gecko Hawaii SKU: GHGMBGS-S

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Exclusively Limited For Our Gecko Family Only!

      • Unisex
      • 100%  cotton (slight shrinkage)
      • Slightly Slimmer fit 
      • Proudly Printed In The USA
      • Puffed Neon Retro Ink
      • Originally printed in 1987!


    • A Quick Note: The pics don't even capture the awesomeness of this colorway! The purple is super deep, darker and smoother than any other purple we have done. It's even darker than the "Gecko Grid" Purple secret shirt. 

    • it feels so dang 80's and looks so amazing close up, that you'll be surprised with the color contrast and texture -- even more impressed in person!

    •  About The Design

      "Muscle Beach" was part of a “cross rad cultures” era, where we unknowingly combined the best 80s Hawaiian and Californian street wear — ushering in an electric era of electric neon, extreme sports active wear.

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