Gecko Hang Loose Tee White (Glow In The Dark!)


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Gecko Hawaii SKU: GHHLwbt-s

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The OG Gecko Hand Drawn Tee

Using our new 2021 Ultra Glow Ink!

100% Combed Ringspun Cotton Soft AF

The perfect fit, super breathable — a fantastic shirt that helps make men’s arms look stronger, and women’s arms look smaller. 

Gecko Hawaii art on white t-shirts really takes the “pop” of neon colors to the next level! They are also great for tie-dye experiments as they absorb the dye extremely well. 

(Here is a little “Easter Egg” a.k.a hidden secret for you too...

This white version of “Hang Loose“ ALSO Glows In The Dark for a limited time! We only printed 300 white GITD Hang Loose shirts —  and this may be our last batch of white GITD for a long while. We originally only let a few close “Gecko Friends” know about it via email, but now we are “soft releasing” what’s left of those. So, if you’re lucky enough to be reading this description, it means there are still some available! Please note: Now that we are “taking it public” — and letting the world know that the white Hang Loose t-shirt also glows — we will probably be sold out within a few days. It just depends on how many people actually take the time to read this!

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