Gecko Galaxy HyperFlash Collector's Edition


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For the first time in over 25 years — Gecko Hawaii's "Gecko Galaxy"!

ONLY 110 Made!

LAUNCH DATE: 11/25 @11:59PM

"Galaxy Gecko"

Collectors Edition

Features: Splatter, 2X Puff Ink, HyperFlash

Originally Printed: 1991

Number Printed: 110

Number of Variants: 1 of 20

History: Simple, yet AWESOME — For those who love splatter, but like a more subtle tee, “Gecko Galaxy” has a "puffed splatter" contained within the Gecko. It’s looks like the Gecko is a Galaxy. The Puff Ink is SUPREME on this one!. On our more rare purple HyperFlash shirt. 

Collector's Edition 1st Re-Issue on PURPLE TO PINK HYPERFLASH Color-Changing Tee and 3X Puffed Ink!

  • Limited Collector's Edition!
  • Originally printed in 1991!
  • Only 100 Made!
  • 1st Edition Re-Issue
  • 100% Cotton
  • HyperFLASH heat-activated color changing tee.
  • Unisex
  • Super lightweight and soft!
  • 2X Retro Puffed Ink!
  • Retro Front Pocket Logo!

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