Gecko Dagger HYPERFLASH Purple to Pink Short Sleeve


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 GLOW in the Dark Gecko AND HyperFlash Tee In One! 

Gecko HYPERFLASH is a homage and retro flashback to the magical "thermochromatic" color-changing apparel of the early 1990's.

Gecko Hawaii X HYPERFLASH  "Gecko Dagger" (originally released in 1992) on our short sleeve Purple To Pink shirt! 

Thermochromatic technology has improved dramatically since the 1990's, but most apparel companies don't make it, because they are afraid to take risks, and it is REALLY expensive to make. However, our fans kept asking since our relaunch, so we are making it happen again!

How To Choose Your Fit & Size


The Hyperflash shirt is a slightly different size from all of our other shirts. They are closest to our black beach tees, but due to the HyperFlash magic washing process, and the fact that they are unisex shirts, they are ever so slightly smaller than your normal fit. Because of this, we are adding our sizing recommendations -- and we welcome your input too!

If you like the look and feel of a nice, fitted shirt, or you are under 5'8": Go with your actual size. 

If you like a slightly more relaxed fit: Try the next size up than normal. For example -- If I usually get a medium, but I'm finding that lately I've been eating too much shave ice with taro ice cream -- I'd probably be more comfy in a large. The most notable difference between medium and a large shirt is the length of the stomach area, and the length of the arms.

If you are taller and like longer sleeves: We recommend you go a size up too.

The sizing of these are slightly different than our normal tees, because with the Thermochromatic dyes, they go through a washing process -- which eliminates 95% of shrinkage prior to purchase. 



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