Gecko Dagger 1992 (Glow In The Dark Re-Issue!)


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Gecko Dagger 1992 A First Time Glow In The Dark Re-Issue!

100% Cotton Designed & Printed in the USA @ Gecko Hawaii HQ

This tee is hard core nostalgia...

Look closely... at first glance, the Gecko is climbing a dagger... but if you look a little deeper... he may just be swimming on a surfboard...

Gecko Dagger is one of those of tees that we get emails & IMs EVERYDAY to bring back. This was one of the most popular shirts in 1992. At the time, Gecko Hawaii was working with "Mervyn's" and they insisted that we changed the name from "Gecko Dagger" to "Gecko Ribbon."  Lame. Those things happens when a big corporation takes a bit of control over your brand...

To make it radder and compensate -- we decided to call it part of our "tattoo series" and instead of a sticker on the tag, we gave away a temporary tattoo...

...To be honest, we didn't realize the impact that this shirt and those tattoos had until we relaunched -- when people started sending us pics of their ACTUAL Gecko tattoos! So... something must have worked right! 

Since this is the very first time we have brought the Dagger design back -- and because the original Gecko crew is back together --- with full control over the brand (no one can tell us what to do anymore --- except Gecko fans) we are restoring the rightful name to the design and celebrating with a special, limited edition, Glow-In-The-Dark release.  If we ever re-issue it again down the road, we don't plan to keep it "glowing" -- so get your hands on a variant of this version while you can!

Why should kids get all of the Glow In The Dark fun? 

As we're headed into the fall, we thought "Dagger" was the perfect design to run with -as it originally came out in 1992, the colors were very bold, but not "neon bright."

We did touch the Gecko up a bit -- making it slightly brighter than the original, (and glow in the dark is just naturally bright), but we kept the other colors the rich, bold, autumn colors of the OG so that anyone who had the shirt can feel the nostalgia that they're craving. The only thing that glows in the dark is the Gecko and it's shades.

This style of t-shirt is called a "Raglan" -- better known as a "Baseball Tee." You don't need to play baseball to rock it though. The "baseball tee" was HUGE in the early to mid-eightees, and resurfaced for a few years in the mid to late 90s.

Nowadays, baseball tees/raglans are always in style.  Some of you may have tried a raglan in the past (not from Gecko) and thought that they were too skinny, or maybe too big -- but these tees are different. We strived to create a shirt that was right in the middle. These won't be too tight, they are true to size, there is plenty of room in the arms, and they are quite possibly the softest shirts we have ever released.

This baseball tee/raglan in particular is PERFECT for the Fall, because the sleeves are long, but the tee is very soft, lightweight cotton -- which makes it great in that transition period between Summer and Fall -- where it is hot one day and cold the next. Or Cold in the morning, hot in the day, and cold again at night.

If you have never worn a baseball tee before, we beg you to try this one. Not only is it super comfy, but everyone we have thrown one of these on falls in love with it -- and everyone looks great in it! 


We recommend going "true to size." They are a classic fit, so you don't have to be afraid of being somewhere between a size (like, sometimes a medium and sometimes a large, etc). There is plenty of room for the arms. If you are a medium 7 out 10 times -- and 3 out of 10 times you wear a large -- we recommend sticking with a medium (unless your arms are abnormally huge -- then a large would probably work --- or unless you like your long sleeve tees a little baggier and looser). Just know that there is plenty of room for the arms to move around comfortably.

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