Gecko Bros 1986 Neon Hi-C (Secret Tee)
Gecko Bros 1986 Neon Hi-C (Secret Tee)
Gecko Bros 1986 Neon Hi-C (Secret Tee)
Gecko Bros 1986 Neon Hi-C (Secret Tee)
Gecko Bros 1986 Neon Hi-C (Secret Tee)
Gecko Bros 1986 Neon Hi-C (Secret Tee)
Gecko Bros 1986 Neon Hi-C (Secret Tee)
Gecko Bros 1986 Neon Hi-C (Secret Tee)


Gecko Bros 1986 Neon Hi-C (Secret Tee)

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    This Orange is SOOOO NEON! It's Rad! It's not like the "hazard" construction neon though, it's smoother, brighter, and a color that was so super 1980's that you won't find it in many places! 
    It also looks TOTALLY 80s with the combination of the hand-drawn, Neon Pink "Gecko Brothers" text. Nowadays, most designers would put an outline around the font to separate the two colors as they are very similar... but to look authentically 80's there is no outline -- just neon pink puff-ink on neon orange -- and the feeling that it evokes will transport you back to the 80s!
  • 50% Cotton 50% Poly
  • Super Soft
  • Classic Fit
  • Puffed-Ink!

In 1986, Super Mario wasn’t the only team of BROS that were popular AF.

It was the year The Gecko Bros hit the scene.

In fact, some of you may have actually worn an OG Gecko Bros shirt while playing the OG Super Mario Bros for the very first time!

A little info on "Gecko Brothers"

Simply Nostalgic: One rad factor about this tee is it’s nostalgic simplicity. The OG design originally sold over 500,000 units — so if it’s the “iconically” retro, authentically nostalgic style tees that you crave— Gecko Bros is a perfect fit. Since so many people owned it — It’s  a tee that tons of people will recognize — which will get you that “Woah! I remember Gecko Hawaii!” factor you’re looking for.

Simply Classic: Since Gecko Brothers was intended to be a spinoff clothing line of Gecko Hawaii— we had designed the original flagship shirt to be as simple and poignant as Hang Loose. This is why —in 1986 —we released the very first Gecko Bros design using Gecko Hawaii’s bare bones brand colorway: Neon green, neon pink & neon blue — printed on a classic black tee.

Simply Neon - Back In the 80s, the simplicity of the Gecko Bros colorway enabled us to experiment with a ton of totally rad neon colored shirts — which is why we wanted to bring this tee back in Phase 2 of our relaunch — to help us re-introduce some of our (now retro) neon tees into the “modern classics” collection.


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