Forbidden Wall - POG - Secret Shirt
Forbidden Wall - POG - Secret Shirt
Forbidden Wall - POG - Secret Shirt
Forbidden Wall - POG - Secret Shirt
Forbidden Wall - POG - Secret Shirt
Forbidden Wall - POG - Secret Shirt


Forbidden Wall - POG - Secret Shirt

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100% Ring Spun
6.1oz Combed Cotton

Classic fit, larger in the arms, extra soft with DOUBLE PUFF INK!

Originally printed in 1989!

Designed With Puff-Ink 3D Texture (That's What Made 80s/90s Shirts So RAD!)
that will age/crack with wear, for a one of a kind/personalized vintage look!
A Slightly Thicker Cotton, With A Slightly Looser Cut
Gecko logo on the front pocket, design on the back - 80's Style!

The Forbidden Wall is different than the electric mango shirts, the orange is much "calmer" -- still bright, but subtle, (smoother), it's a very late 80s, early 90s orange.

This smooth orange helps to bring out & accentuate the orange/red in the puff of the shirt. We guarantee NO ONE will have a color like this -- but they will be jealous that you do! If you live some place cold, layer it with a white waffle thermal, or just keep it ready for your spring stash! 


Waist - Volleys Waist - Beach Pants Size - Women's Board Short
Small  28 - 30 inches 23 - 30 inches 25 - 27 inches
Medium  31 - 33 inches 25 - 34 inches 27 - 29 inches
Large  34 - 36 inches 27 - 36 inches 29 - 31 inches
X-Large  37 - 39 inches 29 - 39 inches 31 - 33 inches
XX-Large  40 - 42 inches 31 - 42 inches
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