Wild Gecko Islands Heather Grey


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Gecko Hawaii

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Classic Slim Fit Beach Tee
  • Printed at Gecko HQ
  • Puffed Ink (Like The 80s)
  • Neon  -- like you have never seen from Gecko in YEARS! We took our time to mix these paints JUST RIGHT!

The Nostalgic 1980's Era of
"T-Shirts Gone Wild."

There was a period from 1986 through 1988, where graphics & funny slogans were pushed to the limits.

When Crazy Shirts actually had crazy shirts.

And It was during this time where brands from the Islands  -- like Gecko HawaiiLocoMotion and T&C washed ashore the mainland, became adopted by the cool kids and quickly spread a bad-ass, colorful, 80's neon-party, Aloha vibe throughout the states.

Maybe it was the soul of the artists captured in the hand-drawn art (before computers), or the totally rad colors (before digital printers dulled it down) -- or the memorable logos & brand characters (that sometimes felt like comics)-- but whatever it was -- something about this style helped to make the mid/late 1980's feel like our last endless summer.

This is one of our Tees From the era...

Using our original retro printing methods, we created a Double Puffed Ink version of this 1987 classic, authentic & EXTRA retro puffy 80's graphic!


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