Deconstructed Gecko - Double Puffed, Heather Grey Beefy-T Secret Shirt


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Gecko Hawaii

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Exclusively Limited For Our Gecko Family Only!

    • Printed on a "Beefy T" (Our original shirts from the 80s)
  • 60 %cotton 40 % Polyester
  • Classic fit% Cotton
  • Proudly Printed In The USA
  • Double Puffed Retro Ink
  • Featuring A Rare "White/Deconstructed" Gecko

 About The Design

This design was originally only a "Front Pocket Logo" from the late 80's & early '90s. It was used on a TON of shirts, but most famously, it was used on the Gecko Hawaii line of "Splatter" shirts. which were some of our most popular shirts of all time.  

We decided to create a shirt that was 1/2 original 1980s, with a new 2021 twist. We do this from time to time, as there are changes in technology, color-ways, etc. However, it is important that at the core of any new "twist" design, we keep the complete retro feel. 

This shirt was originally set to feature the Green Gecko, but in the middle of the process (right before the final layer of green was about to be implemented) we "stopped the press!" Something about the texture of the puff, the color of the Beefy Tee, and the white of the "unfinished puff" screamed out loud to the team -- and we made a game time decision to leave the Gecko "unfinished."

The "white/unfinished" Gecko -- combined with the fact that in the original artwork, the Gecko is broken up into rad little pieces of puffed ink that look like cobblestone -- gives it a MEGA 80s, yet deconstructed feel. That's why we call this one... "Gecko Deconstructed." 

Enjoy it -- as it's rare when we change the Gecko's color!

About The Gecko Beefy Tee

When looking at vintage Gecko Hawaii shirts, some shirts have the "Beefy Tee" tag in them, while some have the Gecko Hawaii tag in them. Many times the ones with the "Beefy Tee" Tag actually got confused as bootlegs by people online -- but the truth is that if a Gecko Shirt has the "Beefy T" tag, in it, that means that in the 80s it was a shirt that came directly from Hawaii. If it had a Gecko Hawaii tag, than it was purchased on the mainland!

We will eventually put this design on the site, but not as the Beefy T, it will be on our normal soft ringspun cotton shirts -- but if you like this one, please let us know and we can do other releases from time to time with it!

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