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For the first time since 1989... Gecko's ISLAND TREASURE!

On a 100% Ring Spun Black Cotton Gecko Beach Tee!

100% Original Hand Drawn Artwork From 1989 (The detail is crazy!)

First Edition Re-Issue!

  • First Edition Re-Issue!
  • Retro Front Pocket Logo!
  • Original Hand Drawn Artwork From 1989!
  • Gecko is 80s Puffed-Ink!
  • 100% Ringspun Cotton (super soft!)
  • Printed in the US at Gecko HQ!

We've had our eye on Re-Issuing "Island Treasure" from our "Gecko Vault" for a loooong time! Island Treasure was originally part of a themed release for the summer of '89 that focused around the "Gecko Surfing Wold Tour." A few other releases that were a part of the series were: Gecko BeachGecko World Tour (yet to be re-issued), and Happy Geckos.

Another fun fact about why it took so long to re-issue this classic, is because we wanted to use the ORIGINAL version we released (not the Mervyn's version)...

You see, Island Treasure was sold in boutique surf shops and high end retailers like Nordstroms -- and it featured skulls and bones. No big deal these days -- but back then, it was a little more "taboo"...

At the very same time, Gecko had just started working with Mervyns. After the first run of the "Island Treasure" tee, Mervyn's received complaints from moms all across the country -- because the shirts had skulls on it... so (against our will) they made us remove them. 

Although we had the "Mervyn's" version in the Gecko Vault, we did not have the ORIGINAL version. So, for the past 2 years, we scoured the online marketplace trying to find a version out there... but boy, oh boy, is it rare and hard to find! Then, after waiting forever... it finally happened! And here we are...!

Sizing: Gecko Beach Tees are unisex and on the slimmer size. They also shrink about 10% if you throw them in the dryer. We recommend people who like a looser tee go one size up from their normal size -- and those who enjoy a fitted tee stick with their normal size.

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