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"Breakin'" Tee - Black with Puffed Ink!

100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton. Soft AF

About Gecko Hawaii's "Breakin'" Tee.

Gecko Hawaii's "Breakin'" was released in 1988 -- and the colors, shapes, hand-drawn lines and designs are like the perfect time capsule. It's a classic that only gets cooler as time goes by.

Gecko Hawaii beach tee's are some of the most comfy tees around. Sizing recommendations are easy. This tee shrinks a bit in the wash, so if you are super fit and like tees that fit perfectly, get your normal size. If you like just a little bit more room, or have a bit of a belly, we recommend going one size up and shrinking it in the wash/dryer.

Puff ink is awesome on this one -- it feels mega 80s and people will smile everywhere you go.

This tee is called "Breakin' " because of the killer wave break happening in the design -- but with all Gecko tees, there are many other layers that somehow seem to get radder with time. "Breakin' " is also the name of a ridiculous movies in the 1980s about break dancing. If you want a WTF laugh, and want to see something super 80s in regards to fashion at the time -- it's worth a YouTube. (Just note -- there are a lot of fashion dos and don'ts in that movie -- mostly don'ts.) 

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